CNR Reviews

Rahul gopi -

I am a 20 years old male student, had been suffering from Psoriasis for the past 15 years. In childhood I started getting tiny spots of Psoriasis which eventually kept increasing and none of the treatments were helpful for complete relief. Then my parents took me to CNR Herbs and we consulted Dr. C. N. Rajadurai with our past medical history and treatment. Dr. diagnosed it as Guttate Psoriasis and gave me 2 months medicines and I was almost 70 percent cured within that time. I continued the treatment and within 12 months my Psoriasis was fully cured. I had lost hopes but CNR Herbs gave me a new life with their treatment. Many Thanks.

Dinakaran senthil -

I am a 50 years old corporate banking professional, a patient of Plaque Psoriasis. My job is very stressful and requires a lot of travelling. Even after taking very expensive treatments like Biological injections, internal and local application medicines, I could not get cured. I had heard a lot about CNR Herbs and I consulted Dr. C. N. Rajadurai with recent blood reports. I took proper treatment for 10 months and noticed that I was completely fine and then with another 4 months treatment, all my medicines were stopped. I have not got any relapse for the past 5 years and I cannot thank enough to CNR Herbs for my treatment.

pavithra kumar -

I am a 40 years old mother and my 2 kids had Psoriasis 4 to 5 years ago. My father had Psoriasis and he lived with it for all his lifetime. I consulted Dr. C. N. Rajadurai in the initial stages because I was very afraid as I did not want my kids to suffer the same pain as my dad did. Doctor examined both of my kids and started with their treatment. With 6 months of treatment both my Kids got excellent relief and did not have any spots of Psoriasis left on body. CNR Herbs has a very professional and expertise approach to treat their patients.


I am a 30 years old male Engineer. 10 years ago I had Psoriasis all over body with severe scaling and redness on skin. When none of the treatments worked, I was sure that I will have to stay with this problem and all other problems like no marriage, no proper job, no social life, etc. Then I consulted Dr. C. N. Rajadurai after seeing their advertisement. Soon after starting his treatment, my skin showed remarkable improvement in the first month and my teachers and friends noticed it too. I was completely cured with their treatment within 18 months and I never required any other medicine since then. I finished my education, got a job and got married too. My life has been so happy only because of taking treatment from CNR Herbs.

arumaiprakasam -

I am a 38 years old house wife and I suffered from Psoriasis soon after the birth of my baby. I had patches underneath my breasts, on waist and internal areas. I took a number of treatments but the intensity only increased. My husband saw the patches and since then he started ignoring me. I started getting very depressed. Then I consulted Dr. C. N. Rajadurai to start with their Herbal treatment. I was very happy to see the positive results and eventually within 9 months of my treatment I was completely cured and my medicines were stopped. My Husband was also delighted with the treatment and our relationship is back to normal. We are a happy family now.

jaya kumar -

I was a patient of Psoriasis for 10 years and upon multiple treatments from many Doctors, I got no relief and side effects of the medicines had also occurred in the past. I was diagnosed with Pustular Psoriasis. I consulted Dr. C.N.Rajadurai at CNR Herbs and started with the treatment. Within first 30 days I saw good improvement and with 18 months of proper treatment I found complete cure to my problem. Dr. CNR’s vast experience in treating Psoriasis patients is highly recommendable. My severe case of Pustular Psoriasis got cured too.

jeevitha -

I had been suffering from dandruff for a long time and took treatment but it was of very little use. Gradually I started noticing white spots on my forehead, ears and neck. I saw an advertisement of CNR Herbs and consulted Dr.C.N.Rajadurai and my doubt got confirmed when Dr. CNR diagnosed my case to be Scalp Psoriasis. I started with its treatment at CNR Herbs and 6 months of treatment cured my Psoriasis completely. Now my scalp has no complaints of dandruff, my hair fall has stopped and I have new hair growth as well. Thanks to CNR Herbs.

divya -

I am a 25 years old female and I had severe cracks on palms and soles with lot of dryness and occasional bleeding present. A Doctor diagnosed it to be Palmoplantar Psoriasis but only asked to continue ointments which will provide temporary relief. I wanted to get it treated before my marriage or else I was afraid that it might create problems later. With a friend’s reference I visited CNR Herbs and met Dr. C.N.Rajadurai for the treatment. Within 10 months I got complete relief and for the past 5 years I never got any complaints of Psoriasis. I got married without any worries. The treatment given by CNR Herbs is very easy to consume and definitely provides complete cure.

bharathraj -

I am an 85 years old male patient with Insulin dependent Diabetes for 20 years. I noticed that my left leg had turned red with pain and swelling. There was a lot of burning sensation on palms and soles too. I had seen CNR Herbs advertisement, hence visited Dr. C.N.Rajadurai for consultation. Doctor examined my leg with my medical history and informed that this is not Psoriasis and I need to visit my endocrinologist immediately. He suspected Cellulitis and advised to check sugar and start with antibiotics urgently. He returned my entire consulting fees too. My Endocrinologist confirmed it to be Cellulitis and started with his treatment. Dr. CNR is an excellent Doctor who practices ethically and he saved my health, money and time with his accurate diagnosis.

vinithganesh -

I and my mom had been suffering from Psoriasis for many years and we had given up on all kinds of treatment since it was of no use. My mom had nail Psoriasis and joint pain too which was diagnosed as Psoriatic Arthritis. She was on pain killers to keep it under control. My mom’s Psoriasis intensity was very high and Arthritic damage kept increasing so we consulted Dr. C.N.Rajadurai. Both of us started treatment and got good results in the first month. My mom’s joint pain relieved a lot. I got complete cure with 12 months treatment whereas my mom needed a few more months. Both of got full relief from Psoriasis after taking complete treatment at CNR Herbs and I was amazed to watch the recovery in my mom’s health. From my experience I say that CNR Herbs is the best place for the treatment of Psoriasis.

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