prabhakaran -

I am a father of 10 years old boy and he had been suffering from Psoriasis. I consulted Dr. C.N. Rajadurai for his treatment. Doctor diagnosed it as Guttate Psoriasis and started with his treatment. I noticed good improvement in the first 20 days and within 2 months the spots were reduced by 50%. I took 9 months treatment and then the medicines were reduced and stopped. Within 1 year my son was completely cured without any side effects. I am very happy with the treatment from CNR Herbs.

vignesh -

I had severe itching with some lesions in my private areas and my wife and 2 daughters also had similar complaints. We consulted Dr. C.N.Rajadurai and upon examination he informed us that this is not Psoriasis. We are suffering from fungal infection and all of us need proper treatment at the same time. He emphasized that this disease is contagious and all of us should be treated from a Dermatologist. He returned the consulting fees of all of us. He is a very helpful and genuine doctor.

velmurugan -

My son is working in USA and he had Psoriasis since his college days. We were very concerned for his treatment and then I saw CNR Herbs advertisement. Since my son did not have holidays, CNR Herbs staff advised us to bring the pictures of his Psoriasis affected areas along with his past medical history and consult Dr. C.N.Rajadurai. Doctor saw the pictures along with his medical history and started with the treatment. We could easily send the medicines to my son and he saw an excellent improvement with the treatment. He was fully cured with 12 months treatment. In spite of cold weather in USA, my son does not have any complaints of Psoriasis for the past 3 years. CNR herbs provide excellent treatment for Psoriasis.

nandhini -

I am a 28 year old female who had given up all hopes of getting married because of the severe intensity of Psoriasis and no success even after trying many treatments. Few years ago I consulted Dr. C.N.Rajadurai with a reference from his old patient who had got completely cured. Upon examination and sharing my medical history, I was advised to take all medicines regularly with some dietary restrictions. With periodic follow up and consultations my condition kept on improving and with 1 year treatment I did not have any spots of Psoriasis left. My parents fixed my marriage without any concerns and before my marriage my treatment was completely stopped and I never had any spots since then. I am extremely thankful to Dr. CNR for giving this happy and healthy life.

saishree -

I suffered from Psoriasis a few years ago and a lot of family disputes started because of my skin conditions. My husband refused to stay with me and dropped me at my father’s place. I was compelled to stay away from my kids and husband. I consulted Dr. C.N.Rajadurai to cure Psoriasis completely. Within 3 months all my spots disappeared and then I my husband agreed to start staying with me. With 1 year of proper treatment I was fully cured and never came across any complaints of Psoriasis. Now I am staying happily with my family because of the successful treatment provided by CNR Herbs. Thank you CNR Herbs.

arunachalam -

I am a fully cured patient of CNR Herbs. I took treatment for Psoriasis 5 years ago from Dr. C.N.Rajadurai at CNR Herbs and with 12 months of treatment all my complaints of Psoriasis disappeared. My concern was that it might repeat after sometime, however I have not seen any spot since my treatment has successfully completed. I have full trust in the treatment provided by CNR Herbs and the best past is that it got completely cured.

Aravind -

Since I was 15 years old, I had Psoriasis on my hands and legs. With progressing time my nails were damaged and even after taking treatments I could not find much relief. My family was really worried because I had to get married in a few years and no one would accept me in this condition. Then I consulted Dr. C.N.Rajadurai at CNR Herbs and upon examination he advised to take 12 to 15 months treatment. After 3 months of treatment, I did not have any spot remaining on body and with 9 months my nails were also back to normal. Gradually my medicines were stopped in 12 months treatment. I got married easily soon after and now even after 3 many years of marriage I am completely fine. I thank CNR Herbs for bringing this happiness in my life.

poovarasan -

I am a Homeopathic Doctor and my son had been suffering from Psoriasis for a long time. I had given a lot of treatments but the condition would relapse in a few months. I came to know of Dr. C.N.Rajadurai and consulted him to start with his treatment. He is an experienced doctor with Psoriasis being his key expertise. We got good relief in the first month itself and with 6 months treatment my son was fully cured. Doctor asked for some follow ups to make sure that Psoriasis is not repeating and then he stopped the treatment. The treatment provided by CNR Herbs was extremely professional and helpful.

naveenkumar -

I am a teacher and I suffered from Psoriasis on scalp and it was very embarrassing to meet my colleagues and students with so much of white scales seen on my scalp and ears along with itching. My hair density had reduced to half. A dermatologist diagnosed it to be Psoriasis but all sorts of medicines and lotions did not help and then I consulted Dr. C.N.Rajadurai at CNR Herbs. Within first month of the treatment the thick scales of my scalp reduced by 50%. I was completely free from Psoriasis in 6 months treatment and my hair fall had stopped too. I started gaining new hair and the density also increased after getting rid of Psoriasis. I wasted so much money and time with other treatments for a long time; however at CNR Herbs my treatment was successfully done.

Ganesh -

I had Psoriasis and after taking a few injections from a Dermatologist I was under the impression that I am fine and my parents got me married in that mean time. Post marriage I stopped taking those injections and within 2 months I got big patches of Psoriasis all over my body. My husband divorced me after coming to know my medical history. I consulted Dr. CNR for my treatment and upon conducting some medical reports, he started with the treatment. I got good improvement from the first month and got complete relief in 10 months. I waited for 2 years before getting married again to check if Psoriasis repeats, but it never repeated and I got married the second time. Now I am living a happy married life because of the excellent treatment provided by CNR herbs.

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