Nandha -

I am a 40 years old working media professional. I have a lot of travelling due to my job. I had been Psoriasis patient for many years; however I started with the complaint of severe joint pain and swelling in joints due to which I could not walk or work properly. I consulted Dr. C.N.Rajadurai and started with his treatment for Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis. Within 1st 30 days I noticed that the pain had reduced a lot and I didn’t have to take sick leaves. With continued treatment I got an excellent improvement and got cured from Psoriasis along with Psoriatic Arthritis in 1 year’s duration. I delightfully thank CNR Herbs for their treatment.

chinna -

I am a 30 years old male professor. I had been suffering from Psoriasis for the past 10 years. I had severe skin shedding complains with lot of redness all over my body and face. My skin was scaling at a very high rate and daily my bed used to be covered with scales of my skin. I had started to live separately alone. I consulted many doctors for the initial 5 to 6 years and spent lot of time and money with different forms of treatment. Even with so many internal medicines and creams, my condition did not improve much. For a few months during summer I use to feel better and again with the change in season my condition would worsen. I started to get depressed because I could not have any social life. I was fed up with different forms of treatment and stopped using all the medicines. In a few months I started to develop scales and redness on my face too and working in college also started becoming difficult. One of my colleagues recognized my condition and asked me to meet Dr. C. N. Rajadurai to take the treatment of Psoriasis. I was surprised when he told me that he was also suffering from Psoriasis 5 years ago and now he is completely cured. I took an appointment to meet Dr. C. N. Rajadurai and consulted him. Dr. examined me thoroughly and explained me that I am suffering from a severe form of Psoriasis called Erythrodermic Psoriasis. He checked all my past medical history with prescriptions and blood reports. Then he advised me to take 2 years of treatment with proper dietary restrictions and follow up. I was given two month’s medicine with a follow up date after 2 months. I noticed 40 percent improvement with 2 months treatment. With time my condition kept improving and I did not experience any side effects which I had been through earlier in other forms of treatment. With 18 months treatment I was fully cured and then Dr. gradually brought my medicines to stop. It has been 3 years since I have stopped my treatment and I am free from Psoriasis. I am a very social person now and planning to get married soon. I am extremely thankful to Dr. C. N. Rajadurai.

godhandaraman -

I am a 35 years old male and had been suffering from Psoriasis for the past 20 years. I had tried taking many forms of treatment and my Psoriasis kept aggravating and subsiding with different treatments and seasonal changes. I have two children aged 10 and 12 years. 5 years ago I noticed that my elder old son started developing patches on body along with dandruff in scalp. 3 years ago my younger son also stared showing similar complaints. I did not wanted to waste time because I have suffered a lot because of Psoriasis and I did not want my children to suffer. I had myself tried many treatments and no treatment cured me completely hence I was in search of a hospital which would offer a complete cure to Psoriasis. Then I came across an advertisement on TV about CNR Herbs. I took an appointment of Dr. C.N.Rajadurai and met him for consultation. My priority was to get my two kids completely treated hence I only consulted for my 2 children. Doctor advised to take 1 year treatment for both of them for complete cure and I started with the treatment for both my children. I saw that the intensity of Psoriasis kept decreasing with duration of treatment and in 8 months both of my children did not have any patches left. Then gradually Doctor reduced the dose and then stopped the treatment. After seeing such good improvement in my children, I also consulted Dr. to avail my treatment. My case was chronic and I had Joint pain too, hence I was advised maximum of 2 years treatment. I followed all the instructions properly and took medicines on time as advised. I also saw a remarkable improvement in my skin and joints and within 24 months of treatment I was completely cured. Now it has been 4 years since my children have stopped medicine and 2 years since I have stopped taking treatment, however none of us had experienced any complaints of Psoriasis. I am very happy that we are completely cured and thank Dr. C. N. Rajadurai to provide happiness back into my family.

manithi =

I am a 34 years female, married and have a 4 year old son. I did not have any skin condition till the age of 30 years, however soon after the delivery of my son, I stared getting lot of dandruff on my scalp for which I took some anti-dandruff treatment. The dandruff would reduce a little but it was never completely gone. Then in winters that year I developed a lot of patches on my skin which had white scales all over and it would shed easily. I consulted a doctor and came to know that I am suffering from Psoriasis. I told my husband about the condition and he went on internet to get some more information about it. He became very upset when he read that Psoriasis cannot be cured. I was given some creams and lotions by the doctor to apply. My disease kept aggravating and I started losing hopes in the treatment. My personal relations with my husband and in laws started to spoil and soon my in laws decided to leave me my at my parents’ house. During that time I read an advertisement about CNR Herbs and went to consult Dr. C. N. Rajadurai and he assured me about the complete cure of Psoriasis. Doctor had advised for a maximum duration of 1 to 2 years for complete cure. I requested my husband to wait for 1 to 2 years and if I do not get cured, then he can decide about our relationship. I went ahead with the treatment from CNR herbs and got completely cured with 18 months of treatment. I continued living with my husband and the problems also diminished from our lives along with Psoriasis, however I feared that if I develop Psoriasis again? I have completed my treatment 5 years ago and till date I have not got any complaints of Psoriasis and I am living a healthy life with my family without any fear of relapse. I am extremely thankful to CNR Herbs for giving my happiness back to me.

suraj -

I am a 35 years old male, Engineer, working in a corporate industry. I have been suffering from Psoriasis for the past 20 years and the intensity of Psoriasis has been very severe along with Psoriatic Arthritis. Although I belong to an educated and well to do family, I have still remained unmarried due to Psoriasis. I have tried all forms of treatment like Allopath, Homeopath, Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy, etc., however they were of little use. Lately I was administered (Enbrel) biological injections too, they helped me reduce the scaling for a few months and then I started to have side effects like stomach ache, nausea and vomiting and the injections were discontinued. I developed abnormal liver function due to prolonged use of Methotrexate tablets and I had to discontinue the treatment. With time my Psoriatic Arthritis was also causing pain and my skin plaques were increasing day by day. One of my friend’s relative who had taken medicines and got cured by CNR Herbs treatment referred me to CNR Herbs. I consulted Dr. C. N. Rajadurai and he explained me that this is a severe form of Psoriasis with Arthritic changes and it would take 2 years of treatment for complete cure. He also advised some dietary restrictions to be followed during the course of treatment. I started with the treatment and within one month I noticed the signs of improvement on my skin and within 3 months my Arthritic pain had also reduced. With progressive months I saw remarkable improvement in my condition and then I was advised to visit him once in three months. With 2 years of treatment from CNR Herbs I was completely cured. Now it has been 4 years since I stopped my treatment and I have not got any complaints of Psoriasis. I am a happily married man now. Entire credit goes to CNR Herbs.

Nithin -

I am a graduation student of 23years and have been suffering from Pustular Psoriasis for the past 12 years. In the span of 12 years I have tried many treatments however my Psoriasis was never completely cured. I was on Tablet Methotrexate 7.5mg weekly once for a few years, however it was discontinued due to its side effects. Soon after stopping Methotrexate, I suffered from a major relapse of Psoriasis. I was extremely disappointed and upset with my disease because I started facing difficulty in attending college and socializing with my friends. On seeing CNR Herbs advertisement on TV, I consulted Dr. C. N. Rajadurai, who has been curing patients of Psoriasis for the past 24 years and took treatment from CNR Herbs for 20 months. Now it has been 2 years since my treatment is done and I haven’t got any spots on my body. I am completely cured from psoriasis. Thanks to Dr. CNR. Thank you CNR Herbs.

rani -

I am an 18 years old female student. I had started to develop a lot of dandruff 3 years ago. I tried applying anti dandruff shampoos for a few months but it did not help. I consulted a Doctor and he prescribed some medicated shampoos and lotions. I used them for a few weeks and noticed 10 to 20 percent improvement only. I consulted the doctor again and he advised me to continue the same treatment along with some multi-vitamin tablets. Again even after a few months of treatment the dandruff was not reducing and now I noticed that there were thick white patches present on my scalp near forehead, behind ears and near the nape of my neck. I started to experience lot of hair fall. Then I saw an advertisement of CNR Herbs on TV and the pictures of Scalp Psoriasis resembled to the patches on my scalp. I immediately decided to consult Dr. C. N. Rajadurai. I met Dr. C. N. Rajadurai and he examined my scalp carefully. He confirmed that I am suffering from Scalp Psoriasis and would need 12 to 18 months treatment for complete cure. I started with the treatment and within 1 month of treatment I noticed that the thick patches of scalp had reduced and within 3 months my hair fall also stopped. I was completely cured with 14 months of treatment. Then I never ever faced any complaints of dandruff or hair fall. Thanks CNR Herbs.

dinakaran -

I am a 38 years old male and had been suffering from Plaque Psoriasis for 10 years. I had remained unmarried due to Psoriasis and was living a lonely life. In 10 years I had taken Allopath, Ayurveda, Siddha and Homeopath treatments, however it was of no use. One of my colleagues who had got completely cured with treatment from CNR Herbs insisted me to take treatment at CNR Herbs and I took treatment of Psoriasis for 18 months. I observed 30% improvement in 1st month of treatment itself and within 18 months of treatment I could not see any patches of Psoriasis on my body. It has been 5 years since I am cured. I got married post my treatment and now I am a living a happy life with my wife and daughter.

ramya -

I am a 55 years old housewife. I am Diabetic and had been suffering from Psoriasis on both my Palms and Soles for a few years. I had deep cuts on hands and legs which used to bleed occasionally. It was very difficult to cook and manage my grandson with this condition. I took prescribed ointments and tablets for a long time but the medicines increased my Sugar levels and Doctor discontinued them. I saw CNR Herbs advertisement on TV and consulted Dr. C. N. Rajadurai. He examined me thoroughly with my medical history and explained that I have Palmoplantar Psoriasis and it would take 1 to 2 years for complete cure. I saw good improvement form first month onwards and got complete relief with 15 months of treatment. Periodically I also took some blood reports and they all came normal. I did not experience any side effects with these medicines. Now I can cook, walk and manage all my daily activities without any complaints. Thanks to CNR Herbs.

watson -

I am a 40 years old male and Engineer by profession. I had been suffering from Pustular Psoriasis for the past 20 years. My fingers and toes are deformed with lot of pain. Most of my toe nails had turned black and brittle. I had been taking heavy steroids and pain killers for a long time. I was heavily stressed out with no hopes left. I came across an advertisement on CNR Herbs for Psoriasis and consulted Dr. C. N. Rajadurai. I was fed up with all treatments and thought of taking treatment here as my last chance. Doctor examined me from head to toe and informed me that I have Pustular Psoriasis in an advanced stage and this would take 2 years of treatment for complete cure. I started noticing remarkable improvement within first 2 months of treatment and joint pain also reduced. Within 2 years of proper treatment I did not have any patches left on my skin, no joint pain and nails were back to its original color. I live a healthy social life now and the full credit goes to CNR Herbs. I feel blessed to have come across the advertisement on CNR Herbs.

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