Senthil Rajan

I was suffering from Pustular Psoriasis since 12 years. I was on Cyclosporin 50 mg tablet daily morning and survived with its side effects. On seeing CNR Herbs advertisement on TV, I took treatment from CNR Herbs for 20 months and now I am completely cured from psoriasis.

divya dharshini

I suffered from psoriasis after 3 years of my marital bliss. I was living a happy married life and suddenly my life was turned upside down.
My husband stopped having physical relationship with me and also stopped socializing with me. We used to socialize a lot before this, now my husband comes late from office, has his dinner and goes to sleep. My life has turned into hell. I had suicidal thoughts. I survived my unwanted life for my 5 year old son and gave up my suicidal thoughts. I convinced my husband to consult DR.CNR after watching the advertisement of CNR Herbs on TV and in newspaper.
My husband refused to take me to CNR Herbs saying that he has already spent a lot of money and time on my treatment from other places and Dr’s.
I spoke to my dad about CNR Herbs. My dad accompanied me to CNR Herbs and we started with the treatment. I took nonstop treatment for 14 months and got completely cured.
Everyone was of opinion that this psoriasis will relapse over some period of time, however after having stopped the treatment for past 2 years and I do not see any relapse.


I had been suffering from Psoriasis since 15 years. I took Siddha, Unani, Homeopathic, Allopathic and Ayurveda treatment in the past however it was of no use. I am 32 years old and still unmarried because of Psoriasis and have been living a stressful life.
One of my relatives was already taking treatment at CNR Herbs and insisted me to take treatment at CNR Herbs and I took treatment of Psoriasis for 12 months. I observed 30% improvement in 1st month of treatment itself. Now I cannot see any patches of psoriasis on my body. After so many rejections for marriage, now I am married to my cousin and living a happy married life.


I took my 86 years old Dad to CNR Herbs for consultation to avail treatment for Psoriasis from Dr. C.N.Rajadurai.
After examination Dr .C.N.Rajadurai said that it is not possible to completely cure the patient at this age, hence continue with your local application of ointments only and he returned our consulting fees also. He is a genuine doctor.
I have been taking treatment from a Doctor in Siddha hospital for the past 14 months. However it was of no use.
I only wasted my time, money over there.


My name is Revathy, 29 years old, M.A B.Ed., working in private school as a school teacher in Chennai.
I had been suffering from Psoriasis (Inverse Psoriasis) from the past 4 years. My parents had been looking for a suitable groom for long time as my age was 29 years.
I revealed my Psoriasis affected areas to sister of suitable groom but was rejected every time for same reasons. This happened 6 times. Finally my parents got me married, without revealing my medical condition to my in-laws.
At first place I did not wanted to get married this way but my parents blackmailed me emotionally and I had to agree for marriage.
On my honeymoon, I somehow managed to be away from my husband and continued same for the next 7 days. I could not lie any more to my husband, so finally I revealed my Psoriasis affected part (underneath breast and pubic area) to my husband. I did not hide anything from my husband and revealed to him about all rejections I faced and emotional blackmail of my parents due to which I agreed to this marriage.
He heard everything and went off to sleep without saying a word to me.
Next day morning my husband dropped me to my parent’s home and blamed them of cheating him into marriage. He gave me and my parent’s ultimatum of 1 year to either get my Psoriasis treated or else he would divorce me after 1 year and saying so he left.
Eventually I and my parents were disheartened by such behavior.
I had watched interview of Dr. C.N.Rajadurai on TV quite a few times. I consulted a Dermatologist if I should start treatment at CNR Herbs.
The Dermatologist said that Psoriasis cannot be treated anywhere and told me that CNR Herbs uses lots of metals in their medicines which can lead to kidney problems. I was very afraid after listening to this and gave up thoughts of visiting CNR Herbs.
Since I did not have any other option of treatment and as such my life will be wasted after 1 year, I decided to consult Dr.CNR once and if I am convinced then only I will start with the treatment.
I met Dr.CNR and told my history of disease and revealed my Psoriasis affected parts to his assistant doctor. A lady Doctor took me into a room and examined all my Psoriasis affected parts properly. Lady Doctor passed on the examination details to Dr.CNR upon which he said that 1 year treatment is not necessary and we can treat this within 6 months with special medication for faster improvement without any side effects.
Dr.CNR said that he shall conduct monthly blood reports to prove that there are no side effects with our medication and gave me medication for 60 days and asked me to come for a follow up post 60 days.


Since the birth of my son, his skin had been scaling all over his body including his face. We had consulted many Dermatologists and Pediatricians.
One day I happened to see advertisement on TV of Dr.CNR and took my son to him for consultation.
After examining my son’s condition properly Dr.CNR. enquired if parents had been married in close family relation to which I replied ‘yes, I have married to my cousin only’.
Dr.CNR said that my son has been suffering from this medical condition due to inter relation marriage and this is called ICTHYOSIS. It cannot be cured in any form of medicine. He only advised to continue with liquid paraffin and oil application 4 times in a day and refunded our consulting fees.
We were disheartened to hear that my son’s medical condition cannot be cured, but Dr.CNR is a gentleman. One of the Ayurvedic doctor’s claimed to cure my son’s condition and we took 3 years of treatment from him.
We only wasted our time and money over there and he did not even improve a bit.
Dr.CNR was honest to tell us the real condition unlike the Doctors we consulted earlier.
Thank you Dr.CNR.


My name is Anita, age 37 years old, place-Tiruchi. I have been suffering from Pustular Psoriasis for the past 14 years. I have tried all forms of treatments like Siddha, Homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, Allopathic, etc.
I had noticed initial signs of improvement whenever I started with a new form of treatment, however it aggravated with time. Pustules would be seen all over my body along with pus discharge with knee joint pain and its immobility, full nail damage, rise in body temperature at nights and severe itching all over body were all the problems I had faced.
My Dermatologist had advised me to continue Tab. Dermatrex once a week for lifetime with no other option.
To control itching I was advised Tab. Cetirizine, Tab.Atarax, Tab.Allegra, at multiple occasions. One tablet at night would control my itching.
I had been advised to apply liquid paraffin on my skin 4 times a day and control joint pain by taking pain killers. I could not get up from my bed if I missed a dose of pain killer. If my condition would be in aggravated form, my doctor would administer Injection Dermatrex.
Upon reduction of my medical condition he would advise to continue Tab.Dermatrex 15 mg once a week.
On further reduction of my Psoriasis condition he would advise to reduce Tab.Dermatrex to 7.5 mg a week. He had asked not to stop Tab.Dermatrex without my advice since this is a severe form of Psoriasis.
He would conduct liver function tests once in 3 months.
On consuming Tab.Dermatrex for the past 14 years I faced problems such as mouth ulcers, halitosis (foul breath) and peptic ulcer.
I had watched TV advertisement of Dr.CNR for a long time, however wasn’t convinced because I had taken many treatments from many doctors but nothing helped, on contrary it increased.
I was afraid to start Dr.CNR’s treatment thinking that it would aggravate my condition which I had managed to keep under control.
I continued watching TV advertisement of Dr.CNR and was finally convinced. I thought of consulting him once and in case if it gets aggravated I would take injections and bring it under control. With this thought I visited Chennai to meet him. Dr.CNR asked me to show my Psoriasis affected areas along with recent medical reports. He gave me 2 months of Ayurveda medicines from CNR Herbs and advised me to consume them in morning and evening after meals. He advised me to stop non veg food intake. He advised me to continue Tab.Dermatrex 15 mg a week along with it.
I followed all the instructions of Dr.CNR regarding medications and diet restrictions for 60 days. My condition was 50% improved by this time. I followed up with him post 60 days.
He advised me to take another 60 days treatment along with Tab.Dermatrex 7.5 mg a week. I followed all instructions for 60 days and by this time I was fully cured.
On the next follow up session he gave me another 60 days treatment along with Tab.Dermatrex 7.5 mg once in 15 days. Post 60 days of treatment he again gave me another 60 days treatment along with Tab.Dermatrex 7.5mg once a month.
On the next visit he advised me to perform blood reports which turned out to be normal and then he advised to stop Tab.Dermatrex completely. He advised to continue with medicines provided from CNR Herbs for next 60 days.
On subsequent visit he advised me to stop the treatment including medication of CNR Herbs and start taking non-vegetarian intake gradually and follow up with him post 6 months.
After 6 months I met Dr.CNR and he examined me thoroughly and told me that my Psoriasis was fully cured and it will never reoccur, hence I need not visit again.
For past 5 years I I do not have Psoriasis at all. Thanks Dr.CNR.

Palani Swami

My name is Palani Swami, M.Sc B.Ed., I worked as an assistant Professor in Korai College. I had Psoriasis since past 8 years. I tried all treatments of all forms of medicines. In the aggravated state of Psoriasis it was controlled by Steroids. In milder form of Psoriasis they gave me various ointments and drops which contained Steroids and my life continued.
Sometimes I took treatments of Siddha, Ayurveda. At that time my condition aggravated but did not subside, therefore I used Allopathic medicine continuously.
My dad was headmaster in a government school and my mom worked in sales tax department, my brother worked in Chennai as a software engineer.
My parents started to find matrimonial match for me.
Since my family background, my job, and my salary was impressive enough that I started getting many proposals for marriage. When they knew about my medical condition of Psoriasis, they would tell us that they would reply back and used to reject me.
I had completed 32 years of age, so my parents got me married to a girl from middle class family who had finished her MCA and they did not reveal my Psoriasis condition to her and her family.
I insisted to my parents to reveal the truth to girl’s family but they refused to do so and said that they would reveal everything to girl and her family post marriage.
30 days prior to my marriage they took me to a Doctor and informed him that I am getting married in 30 days. Dr. administered injection Enbrel once a week for next 4 weeks and cleared Psoriatic patches on my skin. My marriage took place happily. I had guilt and fear in my mind.
Physical relations and all other functions post marriage took place smoothly. My Doctor had informed if Injection Enbrel is discontinued even for a week my Psoriatic patches would reoccur so I insisted him next week to get injection administered. The Dr. took a look at my blood reports and told me that my liver function tests were abnormal in which SGOT was 97 which is supposed to be within 40 and SGPT was 92 which was supposed to be within 56. Hence he refused to administer injection Enbrel as it would damage my liver further. He advised me to continue with local application of ointments only.
Since I stopped injection Enbrel the Psoriatic patches on my body started to reoccur and my wife questioned me about it. I told her that it was some allergic reaction to my body and then my wife asked me to visit a Doctor to get it cured.
As my wife insisted I visited my usual Doctor along with my wife. I kept my wife waiting in waiting hall of hospital saying that I was going to the washroom and then I called my Dr. and asked him to treat me as new patient and start treatment. I requested my Dr. to not to reveal my real medical condition to my wife and lie to my wife as if it was some allergic reaction. Then I went back to my wife in waiting hall of hospital and waited for my turn to come to consult the Dr.
Upon consultation he informed my wife that it was just an insect bite allergy and gave some medicines to cure it.
Dr. prescribed me high power medicines; however it did not cure completely, only its intensity decreased. Therefore my wife insisted to consult another Doctor.
My wife did not listen to me to consult the same Dr. I could not deny her suggestion since we were newly married and hence I thought of telling her truth of my medical condition thinking that how long would I hide it from her. Somehow one day she would come to know so let that day be today. We would manage something somehow and hence I agreed to go to a Dermatologist as my wife suggested.
The Dermatologists examined me thoroughly and asked me since how long these patches were to which I answered him that they appeared a week before my marriage. Dr. gave me some ointments and medications and asked me to follow up after a week. My wife enquired to Dr. about my medical condition to which Dr. answered that it was Psoriasis.
My wife further asked him that within how many days it will be cured, to which Dr. replied that it would take lifetime but can be controlled by few medications. My wife got upset and asked spelling of Psoriasis and noted it down.
As we reached home the first thing my wife did was took her laptop and started searching and reading information about Psoriasis to which she was completely shocked to know about. She learned from internet that Psoriasis cannot be completely cured but can be kept under control using various medications; also she learned that there were lot of side effects of medicines of Psoriasis and was shocked to know this truth.
She asked me about the duration of onset of this medical condition and insisted me to tell the truth to which I replied that it was since 8 years.
She argued with me that why I did not disclose this truth before marriage. I explained her that all the girls who came for marriage proposals rejected me after knowing my Psoriatic condition hence my parents decided to hide this condition from everyone and got me married to you. All night my wife was weeping, called her parents and told them the truth. Next day her parents came and took her back to their home.
I and my parents tried to convince my wife and her family but they did not listen and left our home.
I tried calling her several times but she did not attend my calls and when I tried to meet her at her house she denied meeting me.
One day I got divorce notice from her. My parents spoke and tried to convince her parents to patch up but her parents denied doing so. She denied staying with me for lifetime.
Since there was no other way to get her back to me I finally made up my mind to part my ways from her and divorced her. Post our divorce she married her cousin.
I tried to attempt suicide but was saved somehow. Many of times my mom saw advertisement of CNR Herbs and asked me to go to Dr.CNR and take his treatment. I said to my mom that we had tried all types of treatments at various places but was of no relief so what big difference was it going to make if we go to Dr.CNR?
She insisted me several times so I finally decided to go to Chennai and meet Dr.CNR. He examined me thoroughly, also heard all about my Psoriasis and previous medication. Dr.CNR prescribed me medication for 30 days and asked me to meet post 30 days with diet restrictions to be followed. I observed 20% of improvement in my Psoriasis within 30 days. Next time he gave me medication for 60 days in which 50% of improvement was noted. Again for next 60 days he prescribed me medicines in which my Psoriasis was completely cured.
Now Dr.CNR said that there was no need of any medication and diet restrictions and allowed me to eat non-vegetarian food and asked me to visit after 3 months. Post 3 months when I went for consultation he asked me to visit post 6 months. Post 6 months when I met Dr.CNR told me that now Psoriasis was completely cured and there was no need to come back for consultation and treatment. It had been 9 months without any medication in which Psoriasis did not relapse so there were no chances that it would relapse.
My parents decided to get me remarried, but then I convinced them to wait for 1 year, if Psoriasis did not reoccur I would agree to remarry.
Post 1 year my Psoriasis did not reoccur so I decided to get remarried. Now I am living a happy married life.
The reason why I am writing this story is, like me there are many other people who are suffering from Psoriasis and had tried all other medication which had side effects and hence continued to live with pain. I request all such people to go and consult Dr.CNR and get the right treatment.

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