nivetha -

I am a 43 years old female and my daughter of 10 years old had been suffering from a lot of dandruff for 3 years. I had taken a lot of hair treatments like anti dandruff and hair spa’s but there was no improvement at all. In fact the thickness of dandruff kept increasing and there was a lot of hair fall too. I got really worried when I noticed that white patches had developed inside and behind her both ears too. I had seen Dr. C. N. Rajadurai’s interview on TV and some pictures shown were similar to my daughter’s condition hence I planned to meet him for consultation. Doctor C. N. Rajadurai examined and confirmed that my daughter has been suffering from Scalp Psoriasis. He advised to take 12 to 18 months treatment for complete cure. I started with the treatment and noticed excellent improvement in the first month itself and within 6 months there were no more patches left. Doctor gradually reduced our medicine and stopped the treatment in 12 months. My daughter has never experienced any dandruff or Psoriasis complaint after the treatment. I am thankful to Dr. C. N. Rajadurai.

guru -

I am a 75 years old male and have been suffering from Psoriasis for the past 5 years. I have small patches of Psoriasis on my hands, legs and back. I have used a few ointments to keep it under control. I came across an advertisement on CNR Herbs and made an appointment to meet Dr. C. N. Rajadurai. Dr. C.N. Rajadurai examined me thoroughly and asked me to provide details about my medical history on Psoriasis and other illnesses. I informed him that I underwent Angioplasty 8 years ago and have been taking medicines for high blood pressure, Diabetes and Cholesterol. Doctor explained me that I am already taking heavy medication and the intensity of Psoriasis is not very high and can be easily kept under control with local applications of Ointments. He advised me to continue using the local application of medicated ointments and follow some restrictions and precautions in my routine. He also returned the registration amount that I had paid to meet him. He is a very genuine and honest doctor. Thanks to Dr. C. N. Rajadurai.


I am a 23 years medical student pursuing M.B.B.S final year. I had been suffering from Plaque Psoriasis for 2 years. Initially it started with a few spots on hands and legs with mild itching but with time similar spots developed all over my body along with scalp. My condition was immediately diagnosed in my college and I was prescribed some ointments to apply. I also took some immunosuppressant’s for a few months which were discontinued because of its side effects. One of my friends referred me to visit CNR Herbs which provides complete cure to Psoriasis. I was reluctant but having tried Allopathic medicines for so long had provided no benefits, I decided to consult Dr. C. N. Rajadurai. Dr. C. N. Rajadurai examined my affected areas with medical history and advised me to take maximum 24 months treatment for complete cure. The treatment guaranteed no side effects hence I started with the treatment and within 2 months I noticed remarkable improvement. Within 12 months of treatment I did not have any spots on my body. Doctor gradually reduced and stopped the treatment in 18 months. It has been 2 years since I have stopped my treatment and I haven’t got any complaints. Now I highly recommend patients suffering from Psoriasis to visit CNR Herbs for treatment. Thanks to CNR Herbs.

shankar iyer -

I am a 41 years old bank employee. I had been suffering from Psoriasis on palms and soles for 20 years and I took many treatments but it never got cured completely. 5 years ago I developed patches of Psoriasis along with pustules all over my body along with pus discharge with pain and immobility in knee joint along with full nail damage, rise in body temperature at nights and severe itching all over body. My Dermatologist administered some strong injections once a week for 3 months and the severity of Psoriasis was improved by 50 percent, however my liver function tests was observed abnormal and my treatment was stopped. I was prescribed only Ointments but the severity of Psoriasis increased and it became worse than the original condition. I had watched TV advertisement of Dr. C. N. Rajadurai for a long time, however wasn’t convinced because I had taken many treatments from many doctors but nothing helped, on contrary it increased. I was afraid to start Dr.CNR’s treatment thinking that it would aggravate my condition. Finally one day I thought of consulting him once and in case if it gets aggravated I would take injections and bring it under control. With this thought I consulted Dr.CNR and he asked me to show my Psoriasis affected areas along with recent medical reports. He advised me to take 24 months treatment with the required dietary restrictions. I followed all the instructions of Dr.CNR regarding medications and dietary restrictions. My condition was 50% improved in 2 months’ time. With further treatment my skin, nails and joints kept improving and doctor gradually started reducing the treatment with regular follow up of once in 60 days. In 20 months my Psoriasis got completely cured and Dr. CNR examined me thoroughly and told me that my Psoriasis was fully cured and it will never reoccur. For past 5 years I I do not have Psoriasis at all. Thanks a lot Dr. CNR.

mahalakshmi -

I am a 50 years old working woman. I had been suffering from Psoriasis for the past 25 years. My father is also suffering from Psoriasis for a long time and he is 80 years old. I was married at the age of 23 years and was living a happy married life with my husband. 2 to 3 years post my marriage I started developing a lot of dryness and cracks on palms and soles. I got scared at that time because I knew about the Psoriasis condition of my father and we had not disclosed it to my in laws. I thought of starting the treatment so that it does not aggravate, hence I visited a Dermatologist. He confirmed that I have Palmoplantar Psoriasis. He started to prescribe some Ointments for local application; however it did not affect much. Then he started Tab Psorid 100 mg daily for a long duration. I developed a lot of Acne on face and neck in a few months and hence Dr. advised to discontinue internal medicines and continue using Ointments to keep my disease under control. Psoriasis spots started to appear on upper and lower limbs too. My In laws figured out that I am suffering from Psoriasis by now and also that I have got it through hereditary reasons. My husband strongly felt that Psoriasis will be passed over to his future generations through me; hence he divorced me. Post-Divorce I was not too keen on the treatment and kept applying ointments on the visible areas to avoid social rejection. After a few years I started to notice that my nails have become black and developed cracks. My fingers and toes had started to pain a lot and one of my fingers appeared a little bent. I started searching for a specialist to treat Psoriasis and came across an Advertisement in a newspaper about CNR Herbs. I and my Dad both went to consult Dr. C. N. Rajadurai. Dr examined my Dad and asked about his medical history. My Dad had recently suffered from stroke and he was already on strong medicines for Hypertension, Cholesterol and Diabetes. Doctor advised that Psoriasis cannot be completely cured at this age especially with all the medical history that he has. He asked us to continue with the local application of Ointments only and refunded our Registration amount too. Then one Lady Doctor examined me thoroughly and informed Dr. C. N. Rajadurai about the presence of Psoriasis on my whole body. Dr. told me that my Psoriasis is in advanced stage since my nails and joints are also affected. He advised me to take treatment from CNR Herbs for 2 years for complete cure. I was afraid about the side effects because the treatment was long. Dr. told that he would periodically conduct some blood reports to assure me that these medicines are not causing any harm. I took proper treatment as advised by the Doctor and within one month I noticed signs of improvement. Within 20 months I was completely cured. Doctor stopped the medicines for 2 months and asked for a follow up. After 22 months the Lady Doctor examined me again. I did not have any patches on body; my nails were clear with no pain in my fingers and toes. It has been 8 years now since I have stopped the treatment and I have never had any complaints regarding my skin, nails or joints. I am living a healthy life. Thanks to Dr. C. N. Rajadurai.

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